Did you know that approximately 80% of home modifications, renovations, and repairs are paid for by the primary occupants of the residence? And out of these, the majority is funded by personal savings.

But don’t panic… there are many organizations, agencies, and resources (some of which may be right in your town or city) that can possibly help seniors and people with disabilities complete the home modifications necessary for them to age in place. A few of these programs are even comprehensive in nature, offering home assessments, providing the renovations and/or equipment, and training the individual to use the modifications at little or no cost.

In their article for the National Association of Home Builders, Lisa Ann Fagan, MS, OTR/L, and Cheri Cabrera, OTR, describe some of these potential money sources and assistance programs that may be available to those who choose to remain living at home comfortably, safely, and independently.

So before you begin to remodel your bathroom, check out the following list of potential funding sources for home modifications:

Insurance Coverage of Home Modifications

Some insurance programs might pay for home modifications. This includes automobile insurance policies, worker’s compensation programs, state catastrophic accident insurance plans, medical trust funds, and long term care policies.

Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare recipients may qualify for an occupational therapy evaluation and treatment. Some Medicaid programs offer waiver programs that permit certain states to use Medicaid funds for services as an alternative to institutional care—such as home modifications.

Federal Programs Administered at the State or Local Level

Agencies like the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs all offer various home modification options as part of the services they provide.

Foundations and Organizations

For individuals who have been diagnosed with disabilities and conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or rheumatoid arthritis—there are several national nonprofit organizations (such as Easter Seals) with local chapters that may offer home modification funding or services to ease the burden of providing care in the home.

Tax Deductions

If an individual did pay for home modifications out of personal savings, they may be eligible for Internal Revenue Service (IRS) deductions for medical expenses.

Many of the programs and agencies listed here often refer and utilize the services of locally-based contractors and remodelers like Village Craftsmen. Such aging-in-place specialists can work with these programs and agencies to help make your home a place where you can continue living in comfort and independence.

This is a brief overview of several programs that may help you fund home modification services. The programs listed above offer services that may be provided directly through the state departments of health and human services/welfare, through centers for independent living, or under contract through other community agencies.

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