Our goal at Village Craftsmen is to be a resource to help you to remain where you reside as long as possible. One of the main ways to do this is to be sure you have a safe bathroom so that you avoid falls or other hazards that could cause you to be in a nursing home.

This is why we created our THRIVE Bathroom Design Safety Program.
That being said - for many - being in a nursing home will become  a reality.
Are you prepared?

Have you already evaluated nursing homes in your area or where you may end up having to be because your children or family are near?

If not - take action right now.


The official U.S. Government website for Medicare has created a highly useful resource called Nursing Home Compare. Here you can simply enter a zip code to learn about rankings and ratings of nursing homes based on actual data - from inspections! Below are two links to help you.

Do yourself a favor - or - if you have a loved one who may require a nursing home in the future act now - check out the information and visit now! 


Then - be in touch so that we can evaluate your current bathroom to help you THRIVE and prevent you having a fall or incident that puts you (or a loved one) in a nursing home.

  An in-home, experienced rehabilitation technician will:

* LISTEN to your concerns regarding bathroom safety

* ASSESS your bathroom with the Thrive Safety Protocol

* PROVIDE you with recommendations for your safety & fall prevention

* ARRANGE for a quote to install safety enhancements if you desire

To learn more please complete the form on this page or call 330-896-2000.