Remodeling with aging in place methods in mind will help keep your home functioning efficiently and safely—and also help protect its value. The National Association of Home Builders has a great design checklist to help you safeguard your home and loved ones as you build or remodel.

We focused on the entry, interior and your bathroom:

Interior Doors

    There needs to be 32-inches of clear width, which requires a 36-inch door

  Levered door hardware


  Lever handles or pedal-controlled

  Thermostatic or anti-scald controls

  Pressure balanced faucets


  Wall support and provision for adjustable and/or varied height counters and removable base cabinets

  Contrasting color edge border at countertops

  At least one wheelchair maneuverable bath on main level with 60-inch turning radius or acceptable T-turn space and 36-inch by 36-inch or 30-inch by 48-inch clear space

  Bracing in walls around tub, shower, shower seat, and toilet for installation of grab bars to support 250-300 pounds

  If stand-up shower is used in main bath, it is curbless and minimum of 36-inches wide

  Bathtub - lower for easier access

  Fold down seat in the shower

  Adjustable/handheld showerheads, 6-foot hose

  Tub/shower controls offset from center

  Shower stall with built-in antibacterial protection

  Light in shower stall

  Toilet two and half inches higher than standard toilet (17-19 inches) or height-adjustable

  Design of the toilet paper holder allows rolls to be changed with one hand

  Wall-hung sink with knee space and panel to protect user from pipes

  Slip-resistant flooring in bathroom and shower

Oftentimes, homeowners do not think ahead and how their advancing age can affect their home environments until it becomes a necessity.  With a little foresight, homeowners can enjoy an independent lifestyle and thrive in place without undergoing a difficult and unexpected transition.

What kind of home modifications have you made to allow you or a loved one to age-in-place?  If you haven’t made any yet, what types of home modifications do you think you may need someday?

Are you thinking of renovating or making some simple changes to your bathroom to make it more accessible? Let us help. Village Craftsmen offers a THRIVE Bathroom Design Safety Program to not only help you age in place, but thrive in place.  An in-home, experienced rehabilitation technician will:

* LISTEN to your concerns regarding bathroom safety

* ASSESS your bathroom with the Thrive Safety Protocol

* PROVIDE you with recommendations for your safety & fall prevention

* ARRANGE for a quote to install safety enhancements if you desire

To learn more please complete the form on this page or call 330-896-2000.