It’s only natural to be unsure, and perhaps a little apprehensive, about the decision to modify your home so you can age in place, or thrive in place.

As we age, none of us knows exactly what the future may hold. When the time comes, we all might need a little help to continue living the way we want to. One of the goals of our blog is to offer you and your loved ones some guidance, assistance, and information about aging-in-place options for seniors and people with disabilities.

In this article, homebuilder Bill Owens addressed the uncertainties many seniors may feel as they get older. Owens called the phenomenon of seniors who know that they need home modifications, but who are hesitant to take action, as a “phantom market.” He further explained this natural hesitation that most people might feel toward remodeling their existing homes. “We know we need it, but it’s elusive because nobody wants to do it.” He added that baby boomers tend to have a feeling of “invincibility” when it comes to denying that they will eventually be affected by some of the physical and mental challenges that come with aging.

In addition to home owners aging, their homes are aging too. Since most homes were constructed before the Aging-in-Place Movement, the way homes were built also contributes to the evident need and growing demand for home modifications. As Owens explained, the aging of the nation’s housing stock is conducive to “a mélange of home modification opportunities.”

For example, many senior home owners tend to live in two-story houses, which typically have small bathrooms and narrow doors. These are completely different from today’s more ‘aging-in-place friendly’ homes designed with open floor plans. Such older-designed buildings are not particularly well-suited to accommodate the needs of seniors and people with disabilities. As a result, when people who live in older residences decide that they want to age-in-place, there is usually an automatic requirement for home modifications.

Companies like ours can help you with the aging-in-place process by listening to your specific concerns, assessing your bathroom, and then developing and implementing a plan to modify it to your exact needs.

Not only do we want to modify your home to allow you to age in place comfortably and safely, but to also offer you continuing support throughout the many years that you will enjoy living independently in your own house.

What hesitations and uncertainties are delaying or preventing you from modifying your home in order to age-in-place? How can a company like Village Craftsmen help you?

Are you thinking of renovating or making some simple changes to your bathroom to make it more accessible? Let us help. Village Craftsmen offers a THRIVE Bathroom Design Safety Program to not only help you age in place, but thrive in place.  An in-home, experienced rehabilitation technician will:

* LISTEN to your concerns regarding bathroom safety

* ASSESS your bathroom with the Thrive Safety Protocol

* PROVIDE you with recommendations for your safety & fall prevention

* ARRANGE for a quote to install safety enhancements if you desire

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