bathroom remodeling akron oh

When you envision the perfect bathroom, do you think of the bathroom that’s just down the hall? Or, do you wish and dream of the beautiful bathrooms you see in all the magazines? Don’t think that gorgeous bathroom retreat is out of reach. It’s not when you hire the Akron bathroom remodeling team – and certified Bath Planet installers – at Village Craftsmen!

We love transforming spaces from boring and bland to beautiful and fab! Our bathroom remodelers believe that the right remodeled space can be life changing when we design bathrooms with the latest in low-maintenance, durable materials. Our acrylic tubs and showers are chip and scratch resistant, so they’ll look like new for years to come. They’ll keep your home healthier and cleaner too because they are mold and mildew resistant.

Personalized Bathroom Remodels

Just because our bathrooms are so durable and require next to no maintenance doesn’t mean they aren’t stylish. We’ve managed to include the amazing benefits of our acrylic in a wide variety of options that include:

  • New shower and tub installations
  • Replacement showers and tubs
  • Wall surrounds
  • Enclosure systems
  • Bath conversions
  • Walk-in tubs

The personalization process doesn’t stop there. You get to choose from many different colors and patterns, as well as hardware and accessories that allow you to create a bathroom space that will serve your family the best.

Discover How Easy Your Akron Bathroom Remodel Can Be

A spa-like bathroom is appealing to every homeowner, but so few go through with a remodel because they worry about the cost, or they worry about how long it will take. You don’t have to worry about either with your tailored Akron bathroom remodeling solutions by Village Craftsmen!

We design bathrooms to fit into your existing space, which means we can complete your transformation in as little as a day. Because we spend very little time in your home and there’s no need for demolition and reconstruction, our services are more affordable than those other guys too. We even offer financing to make your new bathroom even more affordable!

Allow us to put your mind at ease about how stress-free a remodel can be. Give us a call or fill out our online form and we’ll provide you with a free estimate.